Keyman keyboard not working in Word Home and Student 2021

For some reason I am not able to get a Keyman keyboard to work in Word Home and Student 2021. The keyboard is installed in Keyman for Windows 16.0.142 and works perfectly fine in Word 2019 and in Paratext 9.3. (There is no AutoCorrect.text file in the Paratext project folder.)

Any suggestions why it is not working in Word Home and Student 2021?

That does seem odd.
Which version of Windows are you using?
Is this Word Home and Student edition installed on the same machine as the Word 2019 edition?

In what ways does it not work in Word Home and Student Edition?

  • Is there any output from keypress at all?
  • In the taskbar and language bar is the correct keyboard icon showing and the correct language still selected when the cursor is in Word Home & Student edition?

The Windows version used on the computer with this problem is Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version (22H2). The computer with Word 2019 where the keyboard is functioning normally, is running Windows 11 Home (22H2).
I wonder if the the Windows Home Single Language version has anything to do with it. But at the same time the keyboard is working fine in Paratext on both computers.

On the computer where it is not working, only regular characters are produced in Word Home and Student edition 2021, even though the correct keyboard icon and language is showing in the taskbar and language bar.

Hello @Kare_Stromme,

Thank you for your patience and for providing us with more information to work with.

It does seem likely as suggested that the Windows Home Single Language version is the problem. Have you tried typing it in other Microsoft applications or any other applications other than Paratext?
Could you tell us the Keyboard and Keyboard version you were using?

We would greatly appreciate if you could send us a diagnostic report.

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