Keyman Keyboard Deployment

Hello, I am new to the keyman community and work in the field of IT, I am working on a project to deploy Keyman and a specific keyboard across our organization and having trouble trying to get they keyboard installed for all-users. I can get the program to:

Install the base keyman product
Install the Language Pack

The issue I’m running into is- I can get the install of the keyboard using the BCP47Tag and installing as the logged-in-user, but if another user were to sign in the same machine they would have the:

Keyman software accessible to them
Language Pack accessible to them

They would not:
Have the Keyboard accessible to them

Overall I’m looking for a way to deploy the software (accomplished), Language Pack (accomplished), and the keyboard (not accomplished) all within one installation script for all users who log into the machine.

I’m hoping this is something that can be fixed relatively easy and doesn’t require any start up scripts or group policy and can simply be accomplished through keyman commands.

I hope this question or issue I’m running into is thorough enough and if someone has experienced a similar issue and can help that would be appreciated, thank you.

Hi @david99, welcome to the Keyman community!

The following knowledge base article describes the two steps you need to take in order to make keyboards accessible. There is an elevated action to install the keyboard (assuming Keyman is already installed), and then an unelevated (per-user) action to associate that keyboard with a language.

You do have to have an action run in the user’s context, because that’s the only way that the language association, which is a user preference in Windows, can be established. You can have the second action run as a login script, because it is idempotent – that is, it can be run multiple times without problem.