Keyman Keyboard 9.0 for Twi


I downloaded that the keyboard 9.0 onto my laptop as I wanted the Twi language (Ghana) for a resource that I am writing. But after downloading it, the writing still only types in English.

Can you tell me how to solve this problem please.



Hi Evie,

Thank you for using Keyman.

After downloading and installing Keyman, have you download and install the Twi keyboard?

If not, please go to this page and choose the one you need, download and install it from the list here:

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Hello Makara,

Thank you for the guidance. I just followed your instructions and received a message which stated that
it was unable to copy file. I have a screen print of it. I will email it to you.


This error can come up if the font and keyboard have already been installed in the past. In this situation, I recommend that you restart your computer and then try installing the keyboard once more.

Hello Marc,

I have tried all that but it is still not working.

What shall I do please?

There are a number of keyboard layouts in the Ghana Keyboards package but none of them are well documented. I would like to confirm that you are selecting a Keyman keyboard before starting to type, following the instructions online at

What is the name of the keyboard in the Ghana Keyboard package that you are using? None of them seem to be specifically targeted at Twi, but it’s hard to be sure from my side of the world! All of the keyboards use the keys [`], [~] and [’] together with vowels to access accented versions of the vowels. Some also overload other keys such as [c] and [j].