Keyman IPA (SIL) keyboard for MAC OS: some keys do not work on this keyboard

Hallo, there.

I just set up Keyman IPA (SIL) keyboard on my MAC:

  1. download keyman for os.
  2. install IPA (SIL) via configuration.
    physical keyboard: the English keyboard

I found this IPA keyboard absolutely convenient. However, some keys do not work on this keyboard. When I hold the shift key + 2, I did not get @, instead, it returns this ̊ sign. Many other keys like $ % * do not work on the IPA keyboard as well. As a consequence, I cannot type tones and many other IPA characters.

Do I miss anything that could lead to this failure? How could I fix this problem? Thank you so much for your help.

Welcome to the community.

According to the documentation of this keyboard, it is the intended behavior. @ represents a key sequence. :slight_smile:

This keyboard only output IPA characters. You do not want to output @, but to output an IPA character the way you want, i.e. to get this IPA character , you have to type in this sequence on your keyboard e@4 meaning E Shift2 4.

The intended outputs at each step of the way are:

step keys output
1 E e
2 Shift2
3 4

It worked out, thank you so much Makara! This is really a convenient way to type IPA~

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