Keyman intune deployment

I am trying to install Keyman and a KMP file with Intune for Edu and Azure AD, I’ve tried many ways and not much success such as it would install both keyman and the keyboard but none of the “decals” were installed with the keyboard. I have looked through the other topics and no one has seemed to have an issue like mine.

the stuff i have tried so far with the Prep Tool was

using the setup.inf file with both the MSI/Exe and KMP file as [Setup] and [Packages]


not sure if I’m missing something from this any help is appreciated.

Hi @clincoln, welcome to the community!

I am not sure what you mean by “decals”?

Just listing the other topics on Intune here for future searchers:

Hi Marc,

yeah, after writing the topic I should have been more specific. The image for the keyboard doesn’t unpack properly for the virtual keyboard. It just shows up blank a white keyboard, but when I install the KMP file manually the keyboard shows up properly with all the symbol’s and colour. I’ve taken a look at quite a few topic’s and haven’t seen something like the issue I’m having. but I’ll take a look at the unable to deploy Keyman Topic you have linked see if this will change anything.

OK, yes, sounds like the keyboard package is not being installed as part of the deployment. You could share a diagnostic report with us ( – this would give us more detail on what is going wrong.