Keyman for Android: East Asian language keyboards?

My smartphone OS is Android 7.1 Nougat (English) and I have just installed Keyman for Android.

I am unable to find keyboards for the following languages:

Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

I would appreciate it if someone could tell where and how I can download and install the above.


N.B.: Keyboards for Chinese and Korean languages are available for Keyman Desktop. However Japanese language keyboards for Keyman Desktop are not available.

Thank you for using Keyman. Yes, Keyman for Android at present does not include keyboards for Chinese, Japanese or Korean (CJK). Part of the reason that we have not prioritised development of keyboard layouts for these languages is that there are many other solutions for those three languages on Android. Is there a particular use case that you have that isn’t solved by one of the existing solutions?

Notes on existing solutions:

  • Our CJK solutions for KeymanWeb fill a gap for keyboards for those languages on the web (e.g. on
  • The CS-Pinyin keyboard for Keyman Desktop covers a broad range of Chinese and is more academically focused than the standard Windows Chinese IMEs.
  • The Korean Korda keyboard for Keyman Desktop is a layout that is used by certain organisations but not widely. It generally is a little less easy to use than the Windows Korean IMEs but has more phonetic consistency.