Keyman disables Backspace

Keyman disables Backspace in FLEx
While working in the ‘Baseline’ tab in ‘Texts & Words’ Interlinear Text I discovered the Backspace doesn’t work. I restarted FLEx, restarted Windows, restarted Keyman, each several times. I found that if I exit Keyman, Backspace functionality is restored. If I open Keyman again the Backspace doesn’t work.

I’m using FLEx Version: and KeymanDesktop Version: 11.0.1356.0.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Tachini,

Could you give us more details? What keyboard are you using and having this issue with? I would like to test it on my machine.
By the way, I can use the “backspace” on my Keyman keyboard in FLEx​ with the same version as yours.


Hi Makara,
It’s an intermittent problem that comes and goes without any apparent reason. It only occurs in the ‘Baseline’ tab. Something that happens when it starts is that Keyman will revert to English. I will have to periodically have to use hot keys to use my keyboard. Then at some point Backspace stops working. If I exit Keyman the Backspace functionality returns. Even a restart of Windows does’t correct it. I don’t know how the Backspace functionality returns. It doesn’t seem that exiting and restarting programs has any effect.
I’m using a Keyboard developed for Salish. I would upload the file but I don’t have authorization as a new user of this forum.

Apologies for the slow reply; I was travelling home from Cambodia. This relates to an issue in FLEx backspacing around the 128 character boundary that has been addressed in version 9. There is more detail available in the original Keyman bug report at