Keyman Developer 17 upgrade issues

Having the run the Keyman Developer 17 upgrade installation this warning appeared:

“This project file is in an old format. You should upgrade it to the Keyman Developer 17.0 project format”.

Clicking on the “Upgrade” button gave this warning:

“chimila_qwertz.kps is not in the same folder as at least one other source file. All primary source files must be in the same folder.”

Moving files between sub-folders and checking the File Paths in the Package Files list has not resolved this issue. Attempting to compile the .kps package gave this message:

“FollowKeyboardVersion is set, but the package contains no keyboards”.

If there is an inventory listing the files referred to in the second warning it would have been helpful to have been directed to it so as to see which files needed to be moved. As things stand I cannot go forward to KMD 17 or back to KMD16. :frowning:

Escape route??

A further issue, with a crash:

Details for error report for Keyman app:
Application Identifier: tike-17.0.325
Error Identifier: 79A7F3C1F4CA48F2CD84B01BF5C4C5D6

Merely from using cursor “arrow” keys.

Hi @Chiff,

Sorry you have been experiencing issues with the upgrade. I am not sure without seeing your project exactly what is going on. Are you able to zip the folder and share it with me in a private message?

Note that although the message says ‘you should upgrade’, you don’t have to in order to keep working. Perhaps the warning is a little strong? (Although we do want to encourage keyboard authors to upgrade their projects…)

I will investigate the crash report you mention. I can see it is happening in the interactive debugger. We have had one other crash report with the interactive debugger. We will be working on a resolution ASAP.

I have found the issue in the debugger which came out of a late change in Keyman Core:

I have written a patch and it is now waiting to go through user testing, and will be deployed once tests pass: