Keyman Developer 10 question

I’m trying to get started making keyboards for mobile devices and I’m getting stuck at the start.

I want to do a simple test; have two characters available in the longpress menu when I press D.
So I go to the touch layout page, click D, click “Add longpress popup” then insert one character in the keycap that appears in the bottom line. Then I click the + beside it to add a second keycap, insert my second character there, then I compile, make the keyboard into a KMP package and put it on my Google drive. Screenshot of what my layout looks like in Keyman Developer.

On my iPhone, I can open the KMP file, and have it copied to Keyman, Keyman installs the keyboard. When I test it, I do see two characters appear when I press and hold ‘d’, but neither of them are the characters I added. What am I doing wrong?

I figured out what I was missing.

First, I was working in the tablet size touch layout editor, not the iphone size. I needed to change ‘platform’ at top left-center to ‘iphone’.

Second, I had to change the key names to output a Unicode character. I named my keys in the popup area “U_0257” and “U_018A” and then the setup worked. Here is my now-working test layout.

Glad you were able to sort it out. Yes, the ID for the keys is important. Without it, Keyman doesn’t know what to do with the key event. You can define rules in the ‘code’ view of the Layout tab to give additional power to keys on the touch keyboard as well. See