Keyman Coptic Keyboard on macOS

Hi everyone, I ran into a problem with the Coptic Keyboard for macOS (12). Some characters and diacritics require the RAlt (AltGr) key. I have already tried remapping the right-option key on my M1 MacBook Pro to the right-alt key using the program Karabiner Elements, but it did not work. If anyone can help I would sure appreciate it.


Welcome to the community @Darryl,

Can I know which Coptic keyboard you are using? There are many options in Keyman.

I have tested Coptic (Qwerty) keyboard and Coptic (Greek) keyboard on macOS Big Sur version 11.7.9 with Keyman version 16.0.145 and I can use all layouts of these keyboards normally including AltGr (Right Alt) layout and AltGr (Right Alt)+Shift layout. I didn’t install any program to remap the keyboard and I use right-option key for AltGr layout and right-option+ shift for AltGr+Shift layout.

Also, Can I know which version you are using for Keyman and OS?

Thank you.