Keyman configuration not working, nor typing

I want to use Keyman to type in Nubian but have failed in even making the application work. I am using MacOs, everything should be fine. It is in the taskbar, I activated all settings manually under privacy, Keyman is present in input sources and yet, I still cannot type, nor am I able to add a language as the configuration slot that should be seen once on the tab of Keyman input, isnt there. In fact, I took a video to see it in slow mo, it briefly appears with three dots and in a mili-second it disappears.
I tried restarting the PC numerous times on different occasion, uninstalling and installing again Keyman, using the Terminal to reboot the app after new changes… nothing. Nor do I find anything in the community that can help with this issue. Hope someone has an answer.
Cheers and thanks.

Did you set up the permissions for the Keyman app?

Welcome Choumsa – sorry you’ve not been able to get Keyman working despite all your attempts. I’m not quite clear on what you’re seeing in the Keyboard/Input Source menu. It sounds like the Keyman section of the Keyboard menu is not appearing correctly when you select it? It should look something like this:

Maybe you can reply with a screenshot, so I can see exactly what you are experiencing. Are you unable to select a Keyman keyboard from the menu or does something go wrong after you’ve selected one?

Also, what version of macOS and what version of Keyman are you using?


Hi Both, Thanks for your replies!
@Steve_White yes, all the permissions have been granted to Keyman except for files as I somehow cannot add other programs for this. The add button is muted and faded…
@Shawn Thanks for your message, indeed this is what I do not have. I will send you two screenshots. First being what it looks normal, not giving me any options, and second screenshot which I took in slowmo of it loading but then failing. I have the latest Keyman version 16.0.139. My mac runs on MacOs Catalina 10.15.7.

Hi Choumsa,

I’m not sure if this will help, but I have one thing you can try. Even though you have granted Keyman permissions, I have seen situations where there is some corruption in the macOS permissions database, and this seems to be related to installing a new version of the software.

Try deleting the existing permissions and adding them back again. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Open System Preferences… under the Apple menu
  2. Double-click on Security & Privacy
  3. In Security & Privacy, select the Privacy tab
  4. From the list of services on the left side of the window, scroll down and select Accessibility
  5. You should see Keyman listed (and with a checkmark next to it) on the right. Select that row in the list by clicking on Keyman
    You should now see something like this:
  6. Click on the padlock at the bottom of the window and enter your password to make changes to these settings.
  7. Next, click on the minus sign control (circled in red in the screenshot) to remove Keyman’s Accessibility permissions.
  8. Then, click on the plus sign control to add them back again. If you don’t see Keyman in the dialog that appears, you should be able to find it in the Input Methods folder.
  9. Restart your machine after you’ve done this and try to use Keyman again.

If that has no effect, then you can try one other thing.

  1. Remove the permissions for Keyman again, for both Accessibility and for Input Monitoring if you see Keyman listed there. Do not add them back yet.
  2. Then restart your machine and do a clean install of Keyman.
  3. Add the permissions back again for Keyam and try running Keyman.

I hope one of these works for you. I am not sure what causes this issue, and I do not know how to reproduce it, but it seems that a clean install addressed the problem once in the past. I know you’ve already tried reinstalling, but I’m hoping that by removing the permissions first, you will have an even cleaner install, and it may take care of the problem for you.


Dear Shawn, thank you for the renewed help! It once more doesnt want to work …
I may try the same process two more times and see of anything better comes out.
Thanks for the help and swift responses in any case :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

@Choumsa I am willing to try and do a remote support with you on this. Please reply to me in a DM stating where you are and a few time slots that would be working for you. It may take a bit of an effort to schedule a call, but if this people persist, that would be the last resort.

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Hi Makara,
Thanks a lot for your help! Will send a dm.