Keyman chinese was working fine yesterday but whn i changed the options

it dint post the text that y select

Hi Aldo, I don’t understand the question. Could you explain further? Thank you.

I was working well with standar chinese in Keyman then i changes the options and now It dosent work not even acces to the options even reinstaling It and restarting my pc

Can you tell us which keyboard you are referencing?
Maybe you are on Windows? What version?
Do you remember which options you changed?

Chinese 4 corners Windows 10, no i dont remember the options i tryed to change at least 20 times and it didnt worked

Welcome back to the community @Aldo_Levi,

There are several Chinese keyboards in Keyman. Can you tell us which one do you use? and Which version of Keyman are you using?

Also can you make sure that Keyman is running and the keyboard is enable in Keyman Configuration?

Thank you!