Keyman causing Windows 10 to crash

I’m using Keyman 16.0.145 on a Dell laptop running Windows 10, and I’ve encountered a strange problem. Periodically when I switch from a non-Keyman keyboard, like the English keyboard that came installed with my computer, to the Keyman IPA keyboard it will cause the computer to crash. The mouse stops clicking and instead either starts selecting everything, or will open new windows (e.g., clicking on an existing instance of a browser in a taskbar won’t bring it to the forefront, but instead open a new instance of that browser), and the keyboard inexplicably starts typing only in capital letters, even when I switch to another keyboard. The only solution I’ve found to this is to close all programs and restart the computer. Just restarting Keyman or other programs doesn’t solve it. I’ve checked if Keyman needs updates and that doesn’t seem to be the issue; it’s persisted through multiple updates and wasn’t caused by any particular update as far as I can tell. Anyone else found a way to solve this issue or to make it go away for good?

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Unfortunately, we believe this is an issue we have seen before and not got to the bottom of. It is an outstanding bug that occurs for some users. From your description, Windows believes you are holding the shift key down.

Here are some workarounds so you can continue working:

  1. To release the key, press the Shift key multiple times or open the Keyman OSK and click the Shift key.

Would you be willing to Run Debugging in Keyman Desktop and share it privately via Google Drive or Email so we can take a look into the issue.

  1. Another workaround for the issue is to change the engine.compatibility.serialize_input in Keyman for Desktop. Only proceed to this step when you have run the Debugging in Keyman Desktop: Something causes the left Alt key to be 'stuck' - #13 by ross.

Tracking the issue - bug(windows): modifier key occasionally is 'stuck on' · Issue #8064 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.
Let us know if the debug information is ready or if the solution works.

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