Keyman Ancient Greek on Facebook

I used many years Keyman 7.0 for Ancient Greek Polytonic on a Windows XP Operative System. Now I have Windows 10 with Keyman 9.0 (Greek Polytonic). The software doesn’t permit me to type Greek on Facebook but only on Word pages. Why does it happen? How can I resolve the matter? Thank You!

Can you tell if the problem is because there is no font on Facebook to support the Ancient Greek Polytonic? Or is the problem with the keyboard itself?

What browsers have you tried and do you get the same result in all, or just one?


Generally speaking, at present Keyman and Microsoft Edge do not play well together. It’s something we are continuing to work on. We recommend using a browser such as Firefox or Chrome instead for now.

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I used Edge, with which Keyman Greek Polytonic doesn’t work well. Now I tried to use again Chrome and I solved my problem! Thank You.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!