Keyman Amharic for mackOS Mojave

Amharic Keyman is not working for me after I upgraded to macOS Mojave (version 10.14). Can I get help to overcome this problem? Thank you

I have Mojave and I can get the gff_amharic keyboard (link below) to work. Which Amharic keyboard are you having problems with? Or what is the problem you are having?

Thank you Mr. Steve,
Amharic keyman is working well in all other applications and programs that I have. I am currently suing Mac computer and did not have a problem when i write in Word, PowerPoint and other applications. The problem that I am facing happens when I am taking notes in Logos Bible Software. Here is an example of the problem.
ህሀህሁህሂህሃህሂሄህኅህሆ these Amharic letters were written in Logos Notes. When similar keys are used to write the in Word the result is ሀሁሂሃሄሆ. If you compare the two in Logos Keyman is writing unnecessary characters. This happens for all fonts and keys. Another example is “ልለልሉልሊልላልሊሌልልሎ”. Again this is in Logos notes. It was working fines in the past but for some reasong this happened to me recently. Please help me if you can. I am using logs for a major part of my sermons and training preparation many other works. Thank you. It looks like that the keys that work as a vowel changer are not responding well. I am not sure what the problem is.
My conact number and address is here if any one can give me help.
Tesfaye Haile
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We are following up on this issue with Logos.