Keyman 14 Beta Feedback

Keyman 14.0 beta

We are pleased to announce the release of Keyman 14 Beta. The primary changes in version 14 are:

  • an improved keyboard search across all the products.
  • localization of the Keyman tools using crowd-sourced content on [](
  • keyboard packages are used on all devices
  • lots of smaller fixes on all platforms

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Let us know what you think so we can make Keyman 14 a better product. If you run into a bug or issue, please report it here.

In order to help our developers replicate your issue, please include the following:

  • the language you are working with
  • the keyboard layout your are using
  • the type of device
  • version of the operating system
  • version of the Keyman beta application or app

If you prefer, you can also document problems using the form at New Issue · keymanapp/keyman

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I’ve read the blog. Very nice to know that your team has put in all the effort to make all those significant improvement to the app. I’ve downloaded and will give feedback as soon as possible.

About, are those the only languages to be translated or one can add their own language to the list?

About, are those the only languages to be translated or one can add their own language to the list?

Other languages can be added to the list. Just let us know which ones you’d like added. For some (like Nko or Tok Pisin), we added as custom languages.

Initial Caps and auto capitalisation after fullstop was supposed to be in Keyman 14. It seems that has not been implemented yet.

Ok. I’ll like to add Obolo language.

Yeah, this makes me sad too. We had to bump them to 15.0 because they were quite complex and we didn’t want to hold up 14.0 any longer. They are high on our priority list for 15.0.

I’ve added Obolo to the list

Let me know if there’s issues with how plurals are handled. I went with the default of (one, other).

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Hi, if possible, can you also add Karen language? The full name for the language is S’gaw Karen. Also, is there a way we can help contribute by translating phrases and words into Karen? Thank you!

Sorry for the late response. Yes we can add S’gaw Karen (ksw-mymr). Can you tell us how the language handles plurals?

  • one, other
  • one, two, other
  • one, few, other
  • one, few, many, other
  • one, two, few, other
  • one, two, few, many, other
  • zero, one, other
  • zero, one, two, few, many, other
  • other

That’s okay. I’m not sure what you mean by handling plurals.

I’m guessing it’s
•one, other

For example

(He) is my friend
အ မ့ၢ်ယသကိး

(They) are my friends
(အသု) မ့ၢ်ယသကိး

Both friend and friends in Karen are spelled the same. There is no singular or plural.

This is the flag for the Karen language.

Thank you!

Hi, if possible, can you also add Karen language? The full name for the language is S’gaw Karen.

I’ve added Translating Keyman to Sgaw Karen language (crowdin doesn’t allow special characters like ' in the language name)

Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64
Keyman Developer 14.0.216

App fails to launch with Error code: 0x0000007E (Error loading libcef.dll)

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions on how to resolve?

BTW, the file is installed; although apparently it can not load; however, no further information is provided. So, I can’t see any method to determine why it won’t load.

Thank you so much!

Hi @Jolene, apologies for the slow reply. Make sure you have Keyman Desktop installed as well – Keyman Developer still has some dependencies on Keyman Desktop.

In the latest Keyman for Android beta, there’s a new Keyman Settings menu to change the display language to Obolo. You’ll see it as “Change display language”. (It’s a new string that should appear in in a few days)

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I have developed a keyboard for both desktop and mobile devices for Armenian language. With the most recent beta (14.0.237) the Shift button on touch device (iOS) works as Caps Lock, meaning it would lock the upper case layer and would not go back after the letter is typed. This is happening both with my custom keyboard as well as with the EuroLatin, both in the Keyman app and when I use the keyboard with other apps. Is that a bug or is that a feature?

Hi @Aram_Pakhchanian

When creating a touch keyboard with Keyboard Developer, there’s a property for each key called “nextlayer” which controls what layer appears after the keystroke. If you want the upper case layer keys to return to the default layer, you’ll want to set “nextlayer” to default layer. (If you have longpress keys, don’t forget to update those too.)

There’s more info about “nextlayer” in this touch keyboard layout guide

Hi @darcy and thank you for your very prompt reaction. That’s fairly easy indeed. I thought something along those lines. Still, the “Shift” key in all touchscreen keyboards always means “one time” unless people do something like double tap or long tap on the “shift”, so I thought that is not a default behavior.

Hi @Aram_Pakhchanian, we agree with you – this is not great and definitely unexpected default behaviour. We are working on a specification to make this work much better in Keyman 15 with sensible shift layer defaults; see:

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When I open keyman on samsung dex, it says keyman can’t run in samsung dex. Can you pls fix that? Appreciate.