Keyman 11 & KMFL for Linux

Hi folks. Thanks for all the work you are doing. If KM11 is really stable for Linux, I’m keen to start using it. However, I’ve recently been having some debilitating problems with ibus (debilitating my workable machine, and almost me too :wink:). So much so that an erased hard disk and fresh install of Wasta solved everything. So my question, before I add the new PPA, is this: will it be ok to completely delete anything to do with the old KMFL and rely completely on the new KM11? Can you confirm the terminal commands I’d need to completely get rid of KMFL in that case. I’m guessing apt-get purge --autoremove anything to do with KMFL. But do KMFL and KM11 have any of the same dependencies? What about clearing cached data that might cause my system to get confused if KMFL is no longer there? Looking forward to your not-too-techy reply.


You should be able to. Keyman for Linux is a superset of KMFL, so Keyman for Linux will handle both KMFL and Keyman keyboards.

@DanielGlassey can confirm the nitty gritty details about purging KMFL.

It is good to remove any keyboards from ibus e.g. KMFL keyboards before you remove KMFL.

To remove it:
sudo dpkg --purge ibus-kmfl libkmfl

After that you will need to restart ibus, logging out and in is the best on stock Ubuntu, on Wasta you can restart from the ibus menu.