Keyboards installed with Keyman do not show up

I am helping a colleague get Keyman set up on his computer. It is a Dell running Windows 11, and he has just installed the latest version of Keyman. He has installed the two keyboards we use for our languages, but they are not showing up. When he clicks on “Configuration”, the two keyboards are listed as “Keyboard Layouts”. However, when he clicks on the icon in the taskbar, the only the Windows-installed keyboards show up. We have tried all the combinations of uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboards, re-starting Keyman, and rebooting the computer. Still no success.

We would appreciate any suggestions to help!

Are the Keyman keyboards associated with a language?
Here is a Keyman keyboard not associated with a language and it won’t show up in the Windows keyboard list until it is. See “language” is in red. Click “Add/remove language” to add a language assocation. (If Windows does not offer the desired language name, you could select a different one, even “English” if you wanted).