Keyboard works on Windows but only partially on Mac

I have a keyboard which works fine on Windows in ever respect but which doesn’t entirely work on Mac.

There are 2 magic keys - the back tick key (top left of keyboard) and the semicolon. Each of these should change the previously-typed letter to something else. The back tick (`) key simply rotates through several different diacritics and the semicolon switches between an IPA-style character, or underline or underdog using some if statements, setting variables and use(). Is there any particular known reason why the (slightly more complicated) semicolon-activated settings would not work on Mac but would on Windows? On Mac I just get a; instead of a then turning into ə.

I guess I’m wanting to find out if there are some features of the keyman layout language which are not supported on Mac.

I’ve tried the keyboard on Notes, TextEditor and Safari on macOS Mojave (v 10.14). Both “back tick” and semicolon do rotate through vowel choices.

Could you specify the version of your macOS, the app/software you were using when you encounter the issue, version of Keyman?

The macOS version of Keyman is pretty near identical to Windows and Linux in terms of its support for the Keyman layout language.

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Thanks for helping. I may need to try it out on some other Macs to see whether it’s just my computer which has problems or whether there is some other reason.

Oops just realised autocorrect helped change underdot to underdog! Just now it wanted to change it to underfoot!

macOS 10.14.6, TextEdit, LibreOffice. Will need to keep testing elsewhere. Thanks for advice and for helping test it on yours.

What application were you using when you experience the issue?