Keyboard installed but can't render characters

This seems like it might be a common question but I couldn’t find it addressed; please point me to an existing solution if there is one.

I installed the Limbu keyboard, downloaded and installed the Namdhinggo fonts, and created the association with the Limbu language (very surprised to find it there!) All of that seems to have worked properly, and I can see the characters when I choose “View Font Helper” from the on-screen keyboard. However, the keyboard itself (and any typing I do while it’s on, and any Limbu docs I open) show only rectangles. Did I miss a step?

I’m on a Windows 10 laptop. Screenshot below; I have more but am only allowed to upload one. Thank you for your help!

You probably need to select the text and then the font now in each app/document.

I can’t even see the characters on the keyboard viewer in Keyman, though. Shouldn’t this work properly now?

Characters do show up in the Font Helper window.

Ok, that’s interesting. The keyboard is looking for the old name: Namdhinggo SIL and the current version of the font was changed to be named Namdhinggo. If you want to see it now, you’ll need to install the old version of the Namdhinggo SIL font: v2.000 (Namdhinggo - SIL Language Technology - SIL Language Technology)

I’ll work on getting the keyboard updated; however the person who normally reviews keyboards isn’t available right now so I’m not sure how long it will take to get the keyboards reviewed.

The good news is you can have both fonts installed simultaneously…Have Namdhinggo in your documents and Namdhinggo SIL for your On-screen keyboard.

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Hi, Lorna, this worked! Thank you very much for the fast and expert help. I’m still working out a few kinks with using it in various applications (as you can see below), but installing the font with the older name immediately fixed the keyboard issue and I can now access the font!

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@Lorna updated the keyboard to address the font issue that you reported. The updated version is at Limbu Phonetic (SIL) keyboard . (She also updated Limbu typewriter (SIL) keyboard .)


Big thank you to @Lorna and @drowe: the issue report arrived from you @Bethany_Moore while I was asleep, and it was all fixed before I got out of bed, wow!

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I suspect the dotted circles you are seeing are the result of using Windows 10. In Windows 11 there is a fix for Limbu script. On Windows 10, applications using HarfBuzz (such as LibreOffice, Chrome, and Firefox) should display correctly.

Also, please use the Namdhinggo font family as it has a number of improvements over the Namdhinggo SIL font.

Great, thank you, and thanks, Lorna, for making the update so quickly!

Thanks for the good information about which programs struggle in Windows 10, Bobby. That’s helpful. I have deleted the older version (NamdhinggoSIL) now and the new font seems to be working well, but still with some individual programs to configure correctly. I don’t need to use it very widely so it should be ok. Thanks again for the good help!

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