Keyboard doesn't work in all Windows 10 applications

I installed Keyman Desktop on a Windows 10 laptop. I then installed a keyboard the user wanted from a website using Chrome. It looked like it installed fine but when I tried to select the keyboard it would still show the previous keyboard as selected.I quit and restarted Chrome and then it was possible to select the new keyboard. However, when I tried to use the dead key,semicolon (’;’), in combination with one of the defined associated keys, semicolon and the key was displayed instead of the character that was supposed to be displayed. I made sure the option, “Select keyboard layout for all applications” was selected in the Keyman Desktop options. The keyboard worked in the path bar of File Explorer and in Word. It did not work in the Chrome Address bar or Google Search Box on a page open in Chrome nor did it work in Email. I didn’t try other applications. I updated to the same version on my Windows 7 box and didn’t see any of the above listed problems. This is a fairly new keyboard and this is the first time I’ve installed it on a Windows 10 computer. The user has some other keyboards installed and I suppose its possible that those other keyboards are causing some kind of conflict that’s causing problem for Keyman Desktop. Has anyone seen problems like this? Thank you for any help you can give me.

I don’t have a problem using a Keyman keyboard in WIndows 10 applications like Chrome.

I haven’t heard of Keyman keyboards interfering with one another, but you could try going to Keyman configuration and unchecking those other keyboards to see if this helps the issue with the one that is not working.

If you can tell us which keyboard is giving you a problem and put up a link to it, I can try it out and see if I have problems with it.

I hate to suggest restarting your computer (because I hate doing it myself!), but a first step with keyboard issues in Windows in general, with or without Keyman, is to restart Windows. That resets the state of the installed keyboards and fixes a great many issues. In some cases, you may even find 2 restarts, as awful as that is, provides further resolution.

If you continue to be stuck, you can also send in a diagnostic report which comes into this forum as a private message to the Keyman team. That helps us understand the context of

I’m sorry. The nation I’m working with wants to keep the keyboard internal for now so I can’t provide a link but thank you for your offer.

Thanks Marc. I’ll have the user try that, see what comes of it, and let you know.