Kannada Winscript (NLCI) Keyboard lacking characters

The keyboard is pretty exhaustive even if I were to type Sanskrit in Kannada as well as type phonetic foreign words in Kannada using it, but I would like to know if the following characters can also be incorporated into the keyboard to include all Kannada letters, since they aren’t there in it yet?

ೠ, ಌ, ೡ ( ೃ , ೄ , ೢ , ೣ ), ಼, ಽ, ೞ

Long Vocalic RR, Short Vocalic L and Long Vocalic LL and their diacritic marks.
Kannada nuqta, especially for Z and F.
Kannada Avagraha and Kannada Zha.

Welcome to the community @Milind_Chakraborty.

I’ve created a bug report for this at [nlci_kannada_winscript] Kannada Winscript (NLCI) Keyboard lacking characters · Issue #2246 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub. Let’s wait and hear from the keyboard author.

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Thanks, I’ll wait for a response from the developer of the keyboard.

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