Issues with the implementation of Tai Ahom Star Keyboard

I do not know if the problems I am about to report are able to be controlled by the Keyman Keyboard, or if these are problems that relate to the various applications and programs where these problems arise.

The Ahom Star Keyboard (Ahom Star keyboard) is currently undergoing some revisions done by Craig Cornelius with the knowledge and support of the author of the Keyboard, Dr Hemanta Kumar Gogoi.

There are different problems with implementation in Microsoft Word, in Facebook using Chrome on my laptop and in Facebook using my mobile phone. These are outlined in the appended .pdf. Most likely these are problems with those programs / applications, but Craig Cornelius and I want to check with Keyman developers that this is not a Keyman problem that we need to fix.

(Note that I was unable to upload the .pdf for this, and had to convert it to two .jpeg files and the conversion has distorted the shape of the second one. I can’t work out how to fix that and hope that you can still understand what is being said here.

Thank you

Hi @StephenMorey
Generally speaking, Keyman for Android is able to apply the font you’re using on Ahom Star keyboard, which is why “kuM” and “kMu” render fine in the Keyman app.

But since we don’t have access to the font on Keyman as a system keyboard, your other apps (gmail, Chrome) may show stray dotted circles or misaligned characters.

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Welcome back to the community @StephenMorey,

I was testing the keyboard on MS word 2019 on Win 11 and there’s no spacing between the consonants and vowels. However, the E vowel isn’t working properly in MS word as you said.

But when I tested the E vowels on other applications and browsers (Chrome v122.0.6261.95 and Edge v122.0.2365.66), I get these 2 results: 𑜀𑜦 and 𑜦𑜀. kuM also come with dotted circle as you mentioned.

To avoid getting the dotted circle, you can add this code:

match > use(normalise)

U+11700 U+11724 U+1172A > U+11700 U+1172A U+11724

Here’s the after result:

Read: Unicode support.

Have a nice day!

FYI @Lorna

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So, based on @mengheng’s report, you’ll (or Craig) need to update the keyboard by adding the normalizing rules.
There could be other sequences that need normalizing, but you will best know which ones.

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Thank you everyone for your very helpful responses. Together with Craig Cornelius, we will follow this up as best we can.

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