Is it possible to have a 'relative' path for audio files

We took a Reading App Builder project from one computer and moved it (copy/paste) to another computer. I then compiled an app and put it on my phone. The audio didn’t work. I took a look at the audio file configuration and saw that the files were still pointing to where the audio files were on the other computer.
I think we can do a copy\replace in the app.appdef file to change out the file location, but I’d like to know if we can make it relative. Is it possible? Can we stick the audio files in the project audio folder and have that work?

I think I have answered my own question…if we put the audio files in the project_data\Audio, and not worry about changing the file location for the file which is listed in the Audio Tab for the project, then the app will build and play the audio.
I did a test of moving the audio for several books into that audio folder and the resulting app plays that audio but not the audio for the books which didn’t have their audio moved into the Audio folder.