Is it possible to enable the default feature of pressing CAPS to change language input source in macOS?

Dear All,

I’m newly switched from IPA 6.2 Unicode MAC to Keyman and I just found that the CAPS is realised as inputting capital letters only. The default feature of pressing CAPS to switch from the Latin input source to the non-Latin one, or the other way around, is not supported. I am wondering if there is any possibility of fixing this.

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So, I’m assuming you mean you’ve switched from the MSKLC keyboard to using our Keyman keyboard? Or do you mean the Ukelele keyboard?

It is true that we don’t have any capslock behavior coded into the sil_ipa keyboard. I don’t expect we will do that anytime soon. It would be more time consuming than I have available right now since it is such a complex keyboard.

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