Ipa keyboard not working

I was able to use the ipa(sil) keyboard just fine for a while and it was working fine but now it just wont work whatever i do, I cant even type while using it. I have tried completely uninstalling both keyman and the keyboard and then reinstalling them but it doesnt work. What do i do?

Welcome to the community @Eli_Pazmino,

We’re sorry that you are encountering this issue.
We can reproduce the behaviour described above where the selected IPA (SIL) keyboard (here) does not output anything when typing. The issue is happening on Keyman for Windows version 16.0.144.

If the description above DOES NOT represent the issue of IPA (SIL) keyboard, please provide the extra information below:

  1. What is the Keyman version that has this issue? Go to Keyman configuration to check for the version:
  2. Is the issue happening on Windows or macOS? What is the version of the Operating system?
  3. What is the behavior of the issue?

If the description DOES represent the issue, here is the solution:

  1. Update Keyman for Windows to 16.0.145 or the latest version. You can also use this link: Download Keyman for Windows 16.0 to download the version 16.0.145
  2. Please keep all the keyboards in Keyman for Windows.
  3. When updating, it should give a prompt message to restart the machine.
  4. After restarting, make sure that Keyman for Windows is open.
  5. The keyboard should work now.

Let us know what else we can do for you.
Thank you!

I am on keyman version 16.0.145. Strangely when using the keyboard yesterday I couldnt type at all but now today(after a computer restart might I add) I can type normally it just wont create any of the special characters. Im using the windows 11 OS.

@Eli_Pazmino I wonder if it might be that Keyman isn’t running – normally Keyman is started with Windows automatically but if it is not running then none of the Keyman keyboards will function.

Hello @Eli_Pazmino,

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Oops forgot to reply sorry it did work well thank you!

That’s wonderful, @Eli_Pazmino!

Enjoy using Keyman! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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