iOS developer account wanted

Recently, I imported a coworker’s lexicon into Fieldworks and used DAB to create an Android app. Thank you all SIL developers for Sheetswiper, Fieldworks, and DAB! The Android app has been super-well received! It’s been flying around via Whatsapp/Signal in our dusty corner of the world. But the iPhone users are clamoring for one…

I’m a Linux user (which by the way- thank you for supporting!) I don’t regularly have a Mac, nor do I pay $99/yr for a developer key.

My questions are:

  1. Are there any iOS developers on here who would press the “compile” button for me in DAB to build for iOS. (I’ve already built the Android APK in DAB successfully). I can send them the project file privately.
  2. Is it true that iPhone apps must be exclusively distributed through the iOS store? (I’m just confirming it won’t be possible to share via Whatsapp, e.g.). If this is true, would that same developer be willing to host on the App store for us?

Again, thanks all to all developers for the great tools!

Kalaam might be able to help you.

Thank you Chris!