Invisible Keyboard & Unwanted keyboard


I’m using Windows 10 Pro Korean(10.0.18362,388)
I also use Turkish keyboard on it.

I have installed Laz keyman keyboard, which is found on Keyman website.
When this keyboard is under Turkish language, it is not visible or available for automatic keyboard switching on Paratext or FLEX. Is it normal?

I heard that keyman keyboard needs to use other language than existing keyboard language. So I changed the language for Laz keyboard from Turkish into Latin, just because their names are similar.
When I start computer, I have only two keyboards, Korean and Turkish. After Keyman starts I have two more keyboards, Laz(Latin) and Eng US keyboard. How can I remove Eng Us keyboard?

I think under Keyman Configuration / Keyboard Layouts that “Keyman Developer Debug Host Keyboard” is associated with US English. I’m not sure if it’s safe to remove that “Keyman Developer Debug Host Keyboard” or not.

Hi Jongjin_Jeong!

I can see two different issues arising here. The first is the automatic keyboard switching. Some versions of FLEx and I think also Paratext do not support multiple keyboards per language. The workaround for those versions is to use another language as you have done.

The issue with English US appearing is a little more puzzling. I would need to investigate that further and try and reproduce the circumstances that lead up to it. (One tricky thing is that all of our developers usually have English US installed as our default keyboard so it’s not a situation we would normally see). I have added an issue to the Keyman issue database for us to track.

(Note: @Lorna, the Keyman Developer Debug Host Keyboard is only installed if Keyman Developer is installed. It is safe to uninstall that keyboard because Keyman Developer will reinstall it if needed. It is unlikely to be the source of the issue in this instance.)

Hi Lorna and Marc,

I added Eng US keyboard and removed and it worked.
So now I have only 3 keyboards.

Thanks for your service to the community.

Glad to hear you resolved it. That’s a good strategy in these circumstances – add the keyboard and remove it – and I will keep it in mind for future support.