Invalid Server Response 520

Hello friends!

I am trying to help a friend in Asia at a distance to figure out why he seems to be having difficulty getting a new laptop to get a WeSay project pulled down from the server: "Warning: Invalid Server Response ‘520’. I suspect at first there were just pull errors from an unstable internet connection, especially for the initial pull where the amount of data is much higher (>25MB). However, this one was a new one to me, and I am not sure if this is connection related, or something more. It is only blue, not red, so I wonder if he just keeps trying if eventually the connection will stabilize? My other guess is perhaps the security/anti-virus/firewall is blocking the app on the new laptop, and it needs to be put on the “whitelist” of trusted apps for this new machine. That’s hard to check from afar, but I have asked my friend if that might be possible. I would also like to ask you if you have other suggestions that would relate to this kind of error, since I don’t know how to interpret a 520 error specifically. Thanks!

Hi Bethany,

A HTTP 520 is essentially an “unknown error”, mostly likely generated by CloudFlare. We don’t know the cause from the error, but it could be anything from “our server was temporarily down” to “your network is suspiciously blocking traffic”. My best advice is to retry the S/R and if it repeatedly reports a 520 try to sync using a different internet connection. If none of that works, reach out again and maybe someone in Asia will be available to work with you and your friend on a live support call.



Hi Chris,
Thanks for your kind and helpful reply! I had sent information for them on how to check that Windows Firewall was not blocking the app, and then also the idea you mentioned to try a different internet connection, or wait another day when the connection may be better, etc. So, I don’t know if it was the firewall thing that worked, or just the internet connection glitch, but my friends report that it’s set up and working on the new laptop now.

Great! Glad to hear it’s working now.