Interference Between Text Synching and Images?

We just made an app from a Paratext SFM file. The audio and text are synched and it goes along, highlighting the text as its read. All is well. However, when we add the illustrations, two things happen. One, the app interprets the illustration subtitles as part of the text (throwing off the synching), and, two, once a picture is encountered, the app fails to advance the screen as the audio/text moves along. In other words, it continues highlighting words as the audio is played, but it’s happening off screen (down lower), and you only see this if you manually advance the screen yourself. At the next verse, the audio and text are resynched, but the app never recovers from the fail-to-advance issue. I have a pseudo-solution for the illustration subtitles issue. I just add some extra labels in the timing file. However, I don’t know what to do about the fail-to-advance issue.