Installing Keyman Package on Android


My issue is like the one Cam asked and darcy answered Jun '19 (so, I’ll try out that answer too) in this link here:

…except I’m including a custom font with my package (which I hope will install automatically with the package). So far, I have the following in the package:

But, I also included in that package:

I tried to avoid adding a language tag because what I’m trying to install is creative, so I didn’t want to risk confusion or anything like that.

As regards the font I mentioned above, I had to create the keyboard with certain combining diacritic Unicode (on Latin) so that I could add my own graphics to the (non-Latin) font. Everything works “well-enough” on laptops for the most part with very minor issues. But, I haven’t been able to install it on my phone yet before I try to distribute it without getting the message “…No keyboards or predictive text to install”. For the same/similar reason/s I didn’t assign it a “BCP 47 language tag” is the same/similar reason/s I didn’t include “predictive text” either.

How can I effectively address these issues?

I’ve been creating custom fonts and keyboards for a while. But, I’m new to computer coding by the way.

Thanks in advance.

I believe the mobile keyboards require a language tag.

As Lorna says - you’ll need to include a language tag to install the keyboard on the phone.
In Keyman Developer, you can use a language tag “qaa” which is reserved for private use and won’t be confused with another language.

That same Keyboards tab in Keyman developer is where you’d also assign the “keyboard font” and “display font” to use the font you’re including (.ttf file).

Note: on Android, we can only specify that font within the Keyman app, but won’t be able to override the system font if you’re using the system keyboard.

Thanks, again. That appears to be the case from what I’m learning.

I appreciate that. Thanks a lot. I’ll try it out. Your other answer for a while back was also helpful as well.