Installing Keyman' keyboards

Hi everybody,
I commanded the SIL Hebrew keyboard as well as Greek keyboard to be installed, for I am seeking a way to go to Unicode fonts in my several hundreds of files from Hebraica and Graeca, as well as in my new created files. For Hebrew I already have installed the SBL Hebrew SIL keyboard, but I cannot see anything appear for the Greek Keyboard. I must say all this is very new to me and I have some difficulties to clear the situation.

Are you looking for a Greek keyboard? Do you want it for modern Greek or for polytonic Greek?

was just looking for simple and easy to read charts for the SBL Greek (Biblical)

I believe the SBL keyboard documentation would be on their site, not the Keyman site.

The Hebrew keyboard documentation is here.

I don’t actually see an SBL Greek (Biblical) keyboard on their site. They seem to be encouraging people to use the Operating System keyboards.
We currently have the following Greek keyboards:

On each page you can click the link for “documentation” and it will give more information on the layout of the keyboard. also gives a good overview of the different Greek keyboard options.