"Install APK on device" button

Thank you so much SAB and RAB development team for developing such excellent tools.

Here is a feature request that I think is simple:

When the option “Install app on attached phone or tablet after apk is built” is selected in Settings>After Build, add a button to the RAB and SAB user interface that says something like “Install APK on device.” This will take the most recently built APK and install it on the attached device straight away, without building it again.

Usage cases:

  • User builds but doesn’t give permission to install on device in time
  • User builds but doesn’t correctly connect device in time
  • User wants to test same APK on multiple devices

I frequently find that one of these three things happens to me as I work. Presently, I have to rebuild to send to my phone. Having this button would save a good chunk of time.

Thank you for considering this time saver option.

Yes, you are right @Alex_Larkin, it is a feature that we need to add! I sometimes forget to attach my phone and then realise that I have missed the opportunity for it to receive the app which has just been built.

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Thanks so much for adding this feature to RAB and SAB 8.5! So awesome. It’s already saving me a tone of time!