Inserting pages before the Title page

Being able to create templates is a fantastic bonus to Bloom. Thanks so much for adding it to the possibilities for creating new books. There is still one glitch for us here in the Philippines as we assist Department of Education teachers in producing mother tongue materials for the new Kinder to Grade 3 curriculum. For these materials to be recognised by the Dept of Ed we need to be able to insert two pages between the inside front cover and the title page for additional information that the Dept of Ed require. This information is further copyright info that is Dept of Ed specific (one page) and the official “blurb” saying that the material is approved by the Language Resource department and personnel in the region that the material is being developed in. It would be extremely helpful and beneficial for the teachers here in Mayoyao Ifugao if we could produce a template that allows these two pages of required info to be included before the title page. Many thanks for considering this request. Robyn T

Hi Robyn,
You’ll need to get us to make a custom front/back matter pack. Go ahead and send that request to and attach a book that has the two pages you need, along with explanatory material for each field, and names for the two pages. Finally, give us a name to use for the front/back matter pack.

Hi John,

Thanks so much for this. We will need to talk with the teachers in the workshop this week just to make sure that the templates I have been playing with have exactly what they need on them