Insert short animal sound clips

For an animal booklet I’d like to insert mp3 audio clips with the noises of the introduced animals. Any experience with similar tasks?

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Hi Rudolf,

That sounds like a wonderful idea!

  There are two possibilities in Bloom for what you want to do.

Which one you use will depend on whether you want your sound (1)
associated with the page that’s displaying, or (2) associated with
some piece of text.

  (1) You could use the Music tool in Bloom's toolbox to set an

.mp3 file as background music for a page.

  (2) If you have the Beta version of Bloom (4.7), there is now an

Import Recording button in the Talking Book tool. If you used
that, you would be giving a piece of text in your book that animal
sound instead of “reading the text” to the user, it would
highlight the text and play an animal sound instead.

  Depending on what you have in mind, either of those could be

useful ideas. I think you may be the first to do that in a Bloom


Thanks Gordon.
By the way, for images Bloom has a semi-automatic fill in function for © issues. How do I mark sound or video copyrights? Is there a similar tool available or do I have to insert that manually into the Front/Back Matters of the product?

Hi Rudolf,

  At this point for audio and video copyrights, manual entry is the

only way to go. Sorry.


I’ve use the talking book feature and added in the sound associated with the word just after the voiced text. It plays fine unless you leave too long a gap or record too long a sound. You can see an example in Radha and the Tiger

Users like you help us understand new possible paths to developing Bloom. Thanks for that.

So, for the record, Bloom’s Talking Book Tool was designed to contain simple voice narration; not sound effects.

Interestingly enough, since we added the ability to import audio into Bloom, these is at least one other user who has experimented with sound effects like you have. But at the moment, we can’t guarantee the results.

Listening to your book today on Bloom Library, I am not quite sure I fully understand the problem. I think it would be best to meet via Zoom to discuss. Send me an email to schedule a meeting.

In the meantime, one possible alternative to your approach for sound effects is to use Bloom’s Music Tool to add sound effects. The limitation for this approach is the you will loose exact timing of those sound effects to the voice narration.

Another approach would be to try a combination. For example, for this book, you could separate out the general/generic "outdoor sound effects and add that “track” using Bloom’s Music Tool. You’ll see that the Music Tool allows up to one “music file” per page, and the track can continue between pages.

Then the highly specific sound effects which need to be carefully timed with the narration would be integrated into the narration audio using the technique you are currently using (i.e. editing in an external audio editor).

The advantage of this approach is the general sound effects would play smoothly from sentence to sentence and potentially across pages. As it is, at the present time, the sound effects with your book stop with each new sentence making it a little disjointed.

Hope this helps.

Hi Collin,
I actually don’t have a problem - I was just responding to the user’s question about adding animal sounds.

I will experiment with your idea of using the music track though - I actually got a bit better as I moved from english to tamil to malayalam and in the latter added the audio into another channel adjusted audio and timing and merged to mono.


I actually don’t have a problem - I was just responding to the user’s question about adding animal sounds.

Opps. I misunderstood!