Input Output Problem

Hello! So I’ve been trying to make a keyboard where multiple characters are typed out to give a single character at the end. This is the format I’m using

“k” + “a” + “m” + “a” > “jial”

can y’all tell me if something is wrong with this, because it doesn’t work

Welcome and congratulations on getting into keyboard creation.

It turns out that the “+” is separating the context (letters already typed) from the one character that is triggering this rule. So, it seems that you would want:

“kam” + “a” > “jial”

That is, when “a” is typed, if the preceding context is “kam”, replace the “kam” (and the typed “a”) with “jial”.

We hope you enjoy your keyboard!

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This guide may be helpful in understanding the makeup of a rule: Using Rules

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