Inconsistent Android Behavior - context lost on back button


I have built and tested both Android and iOS and have notice inconsistent behavior on the Android app.

On the iOS app, clicking into a result on the search, and then clicking the back arrow, I am taken to the search results page. Likewise when I click into a letter of the alphabet, click on a word, and then click the back arrow, I am taken back to the results page of the clicked letter.

On Android, clicking back from a search result takes me back to the listing of words shown on app startup. Likewise, clicking back from a result from a clicked letter of the alphabet takes me back to the original word listing.

This is a very confusing, frustrating and unintuitive user experience. Is this something I can resolve with a setting in DAB or Android Studio backend, or is this a bug?

I am building both the Android and iOS apps on an up-to-date iMac. Testing the Android APK is on multiple physical phones.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Hi, I have an Android, and I would say that after clicking on a word to look at it, and then returning, it will always return to that word. So if my first ever word clicked starts with a c, then after that I always return to the list at the place of that c-word.
Very annoying.

By the way, updating the app will make the memory clean, and the first word you click after that will be the context you always will return to. I thought. But:
Restarting the phone, and then doing it again: now it will always bring me back to the start of the letter a… (even if I didn’t click there for the first word).