In Talking Book tool, allow movement between boxes via clicking

When recording audio for both image descriptions and a “regular” text box, it is necessary to move between the image description text and the “regular” text box using the “Next” button in the Talking Book Tool pane. This user (at least) finds this behavior very unintuitive: I kept clicking on one box and then the other, becoming increasingly befuddled that the application would only let me record one or the other.

Is it possible to “change focus” in the Talking Book tool by clicking between the image description box and a text box (or boxes) on the page?

Thanks Fraser, we’ll look into it.

Fraser, I have the same problem, except with multiple text boxes rather than image descriptions. Took me forever to figure it out at first! It’s definitely more intuitive to just click in the text box that you want to import recordings into.

I’m glad to see that it’s something they’re working on now.

Sorry for the delay. This is now scheduled for Bloom 5.6.