Images not displaying

I´ve recently created an app whose entries need .jpg images, however despite almost half of the words´ images working perfectly well the other half appeared blank. I used a LIFT file obtained via Wesay, and, as far as I know all the images were correctly attached. Anybody knows a posible solution for displaying every .jpg file ? Thanks in advance

Have you compared in the LIFT file an image that displays well against one that does not display properly. Post a few if you don’t see a difference maybe someone else will.

Do some images have spaces in the file name or unusual characters? Safe characters a-zA-Z0-9 hyphen or underscore, avoiding other characters keeps you safe. If you are using Non-Roman that may cause issues with some of the tools used in the process.

LIFT is an XML file and some characters are illegal like & <>. Though if you are getting results that is probably not the issue.


Thank you very much! You were right: I´ve compared the images and found promptly the issue. It was actually a Non-Roman single character in every not displayed image. I´ll fix it immediatly

I’ll add this to the bug list for DAB but it may not be fixable. While DAB can display Unicode characters some of the tools used come from third parties and may not be able to handle Unicode characters. So it depends on where in the code the issue is.

Can you give me an example file name or two to go with the bug report?