Image credits on title page

Why do the image credits appear on the title page instead of the copyright page? Is that normal?

Personally, I can’t speak to what is “normal” in a literary sense, but for Bloom, the title page has the field for “The contributions made by writers, illustrators, editors, etc.”
Of course, you are free to move the image credits to the credit page by copy/paste if you desire. You could put them in the Acknowledgments field.

I’ll admit this has bothered me lately as well. As best I can recall, 8 years or so when this was all first designed, the problem was that the technical term for the page after the title page, verso, seemed too technical for Bloom. So I picked the term “credits”.

And yet, of course, credits also belong on the Title Page. But Copyright and license do not.

So the best practice is to mention the illustrator on the title page, and then put the legal credit stuff (copyright and license) on the verso/credits page.

Does that help?