How Use External Editor?

Developer has an option to specify an external editor but how do you get to that editor to use it? I don’t see anything about it in the help.

I’m pretty sure that option isn’t working. I’d forgotten it even existed. It should probably be removed… It was more relevant when Keyman’s text editor was much more limited than it is today. Is there a reason you would prefer or need to an external editor?

I like BabelPad for several features, notably the ability to display the codepoints of characters that have been typed and the ability to count graphemes.
But I can equally well just copy and paste into a separate instance of BabelPad.

Thanks for the reply – that helps me to understand what functionality might be missing in Keyman Developer.

Note that the Character Identifier (Ctrl+Shift+I) shows you codepoints of the selected text (and the char to the left of the cursor). We could easily extend that to show the last n codepoints left of the cursor.

Counting graphemes is a fun one. Keyman really works only with codepoints so grapheme counting is perhaps going to be a little misleading for most keyboard developers?

Yes, the counting feature is not really pertinent to keyboard management.
I use it for research on sound frequencies in various language texts.

I was not aware of Crtl+Shift+I. That really does what I need.
I am still a newbie. Thanks for your help.

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