How to use virama matra in Masaram Gondi

anyone please help me how to output half form letter in gondi form

This doesn’t look like a Bloom question? Let me send it over to Keyman, and then maybe if you don’t get help there, we could ask the Fonts group.

By half form do you mean a consonant without the inherent vowel? I think that can be displayed by entering U+11D45 MASARAM GONDI VIRAMA after the consonant. What font and keyboard are you using? @MarkP might know more.

I do not think we have a Masaram Gondi keyboard in the Keyman repository. Is this a keyboard you have created or that has been given to you?

yes i have fork it but i don’t know why did not accept masaram keyboard

Google Masaram Noto Sans

and sorry for late reply

yes i created it and some code copy from another keyboard with changes

Keyboard created in Keyman Developer

You’ll need to submit a Pull Request to Keyman’s Github repo for your keyboard. This page might help you: Step 5: Submitting a GitHub Pull Request

Feel free to examine the attached Masaram keyboard for ideas if that is helpful. It is yet to be tested and released more widely, but will become public some time soon.

In particular, you may be interested in these 2 lines:

any (consonantU) + 'x'  > context U+11D45  c $MASARAM_GONDI_VIRAMA
any (consonantU) + 'X'  > context U+11D44  c $MASARAM_GONDI_HALANTA

gondi_masaram.kmn (6.2 KB)

thank @MarkP i think this not fit with our requirement we want to when any consonant press two time like kkaa then masaram gondi output on half and another is full letter like this
text (2)