How to upload keyboard and language model to Keyman library


I am ready to publish my Laz keyboard but I think it’s easier sharing it through your website. That being said, I have to two questions:

  1. I am assuming I can add the dictionary to my GitHub post as a separate branch?
  2. I would like to update the dictionary frequently - is this something I can do myself, or would I have to wait for you to implement it? Adding to this, do people have to delete their dictionary every time I update it or will their dictionary update automatically?

Thank you!

Hi @Okani,

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To answer to your questions:

  1. Yes, of course you can add your dictionary to the Keyman through GitHub. Here’s more infos on Guide for Lexical Model Submissions.

  2. You have full control over your dictionary and can make changes on it as many times as you need and other users can also help improve it as well by creating pull requests cause it’s a public repos. After you create PR (pull requests) to Keyman repos, our developers will review before merging it.

  3. Your keyboard and dictionary will update automatically after you commit your PRs.

  • In mobile devices, users will be notify when the newer version is available.

We hope our reply cover your questions.

@drowe @Lorna have we missed anything here?

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Yes, we would welcome you to commit your keyboard to our keyboards repository. Doing so allows others to benefit from your keyboard. Another benefit is that when you update the keyboard, users will automatically be prompted to download the keyboard update. You do not have to keep telling people there is an update. Read about keyboard submissions here: Guide: Working with the Keyman Cloud Keyboard Repository

In addition to the great info @Nguonnyny_Tan has given you, make sure the language tag in both the keyboard and the lexical model match. The keyboards and the lexical models are maintained separately but they interact through the language tag.


Hi Both,

I’ll work on it this weekend! I can confirm the dictionary and keyboard have the same region codes (unless you’re talking about something GitHub related):

Both the keyboard and lexical model need the same language code. So, in this case they either need to be lzz or lzz-Latn. You shouldn’t set one to lzz and the other to lzz-Latn.

In Keyman Developer for the keyboard that is set in the .kps file under the Keyboards tab. I suspect it’s similar for the lexical model.

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At the risk of stating the obvious (which might not be obvious to someone reading this later): In order for the keyboard and the lexical model to be automatically offered to users, the version numbers in both the keyboard and the lexical model need to be incremented.

Thanks, everyone! I requested pulls for both the keyboard and dictionary and I hope everything’s correct!



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