How to uninstall keyboard updates?

I recently updated one of the keyboards I have installed, but this update was horrible. How do I uninstall it?

Can you tell us which Keyman product you’re using? (Windows, mac, Linux, Android, iOS)

It would also help to know the name of the keyboard and (if possible) the number of previous version (the one before you updated).

I use the android version

Runeboard by ᚱᚢᚾ᛫ᛗᚫᚾ, the version that I was using before the update is the 1.3

Here are the Runeboard keyboard changes that have happened since version 1.3. Can you elaborate which updates don’t work for you, and how it can be fixed?

Runeboard Change History

2.2 (2023-11-04)

  • Swapped ᛝ and ᛥ on the main/unshifted layer.
  • Swapped ᛜ and ᚶ on the shift layer.

2.1 (2023-09-20)

  • Updated punctuation keys to include a zero width space after them to allow for tabbing between words
  • Adding missing keyboard layout files to package

2.0 (2023-08-09)

  • Updated layout - minor changes to default layer but more major changes to other layers
  • Added 4th layer to mobile version
  • Updated font to Catrinity & removed all other previously included fonts

1.3 (2023-05-24)

  • Added characters on ctrl-alt shift layer
  • Updated keyboard to use Quivira as main font as it contains more of the needed characters
  • Updated version of Quivira font
  • Removed references to things that are NOT in this keyboard.

I’ll post how to uninstall the keyboard in a separate reply

Here’s the Keyman for Android help for removing (uninstalling) a keyboard

Afterwards, if you want to stick to Runeboard 1.3, you can download the keyboard package file from:

And then follow these steps for installing a downloaded keyboard:

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I am seeing at least some of the issues in the mobile layout. I can update what I know is a problem (what’s on the keycaps is not what is produced), but can you please explain the problems you are seeing so that I can fix them at the same time?

The keys on the touch keyboard: AltGr / control-alt layer do not produce the correct thing. Is that what you are referring to or are there other issues?

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Hi Glitcher,

Thanks for reporting these problems. As I mostly only use the default and Shift layers, I only just became aware of the problem with the AltGr layer outputting the wrong characters.

Once the next version becomes available, it should be fixed. Hopefully that will be within a week.

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