How to quickly hide transcription bars?

It’s been good to try out Speech Analyzer again after about ten years. In the latest version every waveform I open displays seven transcription bars above it. I can see that this could be useful for some projects but I would prefer to give more space to the waveform. Is there a way to hide these transcription bars by default? My current workaround is to hide them one by one (using Graphs > Transcription bars) but this takes time and needs to be done every time I open a new audio file.

The solution is to have SA ‘remember’ your desired settings.

This can be done by first running SA and opening any file, then use the shortcut of doing a right-mouse click in the Waveform area and select “Transcription Bars…”. Now de-select the items you do not want to have shown, then click OK to close.

Then on the main menu bar, select “Tools, Options…, Startup”, and then select “Permanently” and click OK.

Now each time you open a Waveform, SA will use that setting.

If you frequently study some other graphs, like Pitch for example, then select the “Waveform, Auto Pitch” icon in the Left Column and go back to Startup, and over-right the current setup by again selecting “Permanently” and click OK.


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I think you meant overwrite the current setup…

Brilliant. Thanks Terry.