How to prevent homonym number from being partially displayed


The homonym number is cut off on the summary screen in the DAB created app.

Can this be resolved, and if yes, how?

Thanks in advance for your help.

There might be a style in the Style tool that would allow you to increase the line spacing a bit (or margin, or padding… not sure what might help the most…).

But just to say, I struggle a bit to find the connections between styles in the list and formatting in the app, and I don’t think all of the styles in the app are actually included in the list. That’s an area I haven’t worked on too much yet… maybe @Ian_McQuay knows more? But you can make changes in the styles that seem likely candidates (e.g. div.settings-summary or body.settings-list) to see if they affect that text in the app, and if they do, try playing with the settings that might affect line spacing.

Let us know what you find!