How to make Touch keyboard keys to output nothing?

In the screenshot below, how can I make all the “K_3” keys to output nothing? I cannot simply delete “K_3” code. It looks like a code is required for every key.


One option is to use the Unicode codepoint of the character you want the output to be and using the character itself on the keycap. See the instructions in section “Adding the output” of this page: Simple Touch Keyboard Development Example.


Setting a customized rule has solved the issue.

+ [T_nul] > nul

My apology that the previous comment does not help.

You can delete the code if the Key Type is set to “Blank”.

If I delete the code, it will show the error when I compile the keyboard.

sil_hebrew.kmn: Warning: 2099 A key on layer "shift" has no identifier.

sil_hebrew.kmn: Failure: 'C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Keyman Developer\Projects\sil_hebrew\source\sil_hebrew.kmn' was not compiled successfully for Tablet devices.

Have you set the “Key Type” to “Blank” when getting rid of the “Code”?

This error is expected if the Key Type is “Default” and the Code is empty.

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Ah. This is the correct way to do it. Thanks!

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