How to make a correction in the source text

We used an English book as a source to create a new book we are translating into Bislama. But near the end of the translation process, the consultant found an error in the English source. How can I edit the English source text for the Bislama story without starting over?

Hi Greg.

One way to correct the English text embedded in the Bislama derivative book would be to temporarily change the language settings for the collection to English, and then edit the book. You’ll need to ensure the dropdown selector has English selected. After the correction is made, change the language settings back to Bislama.

If you are working in a Team Collection, changing Collection settings will mess up your team. So, in this case, I would a) check out the book; b) close Bloom ; c) copy the book folder into an English collection, edit the book in that collection, then copy the book folder back into the Team Collection; d) open the Team Collection.

And of course, the original source book will need to be corrected and propagated so that the error doesn’t find its way into other derivative books.

Thanks Colin,
That’s exactly what I needed!