How to find lost pages in my collection

Hi Bloom Community! I’m new to this forum. I was told someone among you might be able to help me. Several months back, I created some alphabet big books, but I did it in portrait format as opposed to landscape. Perhaps it was because of this that they wouldn’t print as a book, only as PDF single pages. And now they’ve disappeared from my collection. Do any of you know how I can find them again?

Hi Christine,
In the past when people couldn’t find books, it turned out that they had more than one collection, and the missing books were in a different collection than the one they were opening. And once someone decided the missing book was on a different computer.

Start by looking in your Documents/Bloom folder. These are your collection folders. Is there more than one of these folders? Are your missing books in there?

Another way to end up thinking books are missing is if the languages of the collection have been changed in Settings. Bloom will rename all the books according to the title in that top language.

If it’s possible that you have moved book folders or collection folders elsewhere on your computer, I recommend the free tool named “Everything”. It is fantastic for finding stray sheep.

Try out those ideas and then we’ll see if anyone else has some other ideas for you.