How to embed my html help files in the OSK and WebKeyboard on Keyman11?

Help! I can’t find any explanation in the Keyman Developer help files of how to embed my help files. Have I missed something? Or can anyone suggest a good example in the keyboard repository.
My keyboard so far can be found at

Are you talking about including them in the kmp? If so, we recommend including both a readme.htm and welcome.htm in the .kps file. You can set the readme to be included in the install screen. The welcome file will also display on installing

One example would be the sil_cherokee_nation keyboard, found at:

As Lorna points out, there are multiple files involved:

  • readme.htm - a short description of the keyboard, which is included in the package (.kmp) and displayed when the keyboard is about to be installed
  • welcome.htm - an explanation of how to use the keyboard (often with other files such as keyboard layout images), which is included in the package and displayed at the conclusion of keyboard installation (and when the user requests help with the keyboard)
  • xyz.php (where “xyz” is the name of the keyboard project) - often the same as the welcome.htm, but in .php format. This is not included in the package, but is made available on the Keyman site.

And you are correct that the documentation needs improving!